BDSM Munch Every Second Saturday!

Long for meeting some like-minded people?
Being in Taiwan for years and can’t find where the scene is?
Wondering whether there will be the next munch at all?

No need to wait any longer! Munches of BDSM Company Taiwan are regular events: every second Saturday of the month, 3pm to 6pm. No registration. Everyone is welcomed to drop by and chat!

  • Date: every second Saturday of the month, unless announced otherwise. See the Munch category for latest announcements.
  • Time: 3pm to 6pm.
  • Venue: G-Straight Cafe is unfortunately closed and we are seeking for new venues. See announcements for updates!
  • Fees: Free. It is preferred that you buy some drinks from the bar, though.
  • What do you do there?: G Straight Cafe is a pan-sexual friendly, yet vanilla venue. Thus we will mostly just talk, chat, and get to know friends. The venue won’t mind if you’d like to dress up in some fetish wear, or show to people some of your favourite toys, though. Usual munch rules apply.
  • Registration: You may just show up and there is no need to register. However, you are encouraged to leave a comment below telling people that you are coming.

Hope to meet you there soon!


The BDSM scene in Taiwan has changed a lot in recent years. Foreign terminology and concepts has been translated and introduced to Taiwan and became known to local SM practitioners. People meet each other on Internet; a number of SM-themed Internet chatrooms and bulletin boards are founded, some starting to have regular social events. Outside the Internet there are also a number of SM practitioners who simply take BDSM as their lifestyle. With this critical mass of people participating, SMers in Taiwan began to invent and construct our own discourse on respective responsibility and obligations between roles such as Sadist/Masochist/ Dom/sub/ Top/bottom. Meanwhile, the term “SM” more often appears on the media which, though inevitably incurring a certain degree of misunderstanding, inspires more people to explore themselves and discover their SM identity.

These show that it is about time to establish a visible BDSM community in Taiwan. BDSM Company is thus founded by a group of SMers on the SEX-KKCity BBS.


BDSM Company aims to be a visible BDSM community speaking for Taiwanese BDSMers. For practitioners, we provide BDSM-related information and consultation about techniques, legal issues, and medical knowledge, as well as social events for all BDSMers. It is a forum where people can discuss and exchange their experiences and opinions, and a platform constructing discourses, organising events, and empowering ourselves.

To the public, BDSM Company also aims to be a channel through which BDSMers’ voices can be heard by the vanilla world, as well as an active representative supporting and co-operating with other sexual-minorities.


BDSM Company holds regular munches (informal social meetings) every month. The venue is usually a vanilla restaurant or KTV in Taipei, but occasionally we may move to or co-organise a munch in southern Taiwan.

The munches usually take place in a vanilla venue in a casual, friendly manner and is intended to allow participants to know each other. Anyone interested in BDSM, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, and nationality are welcomed. Dates and locations of munches are announced on our website. Photos and records of previous munches can be found in the Munches section too.

If you intend to attend one of the munches, please email to [email protected] for details.


The website is currently mostly in Chinese. However, we welcome submission of articles in any languages, and are the most grateful if you volunteer to translate existing articles into other languages.

The website is divided into several sections:

BDSM Company

Introduction to, news about, and general announcements from BDSM Company.


A list of our monthly feature articles.


A section reserved for famous writer Lucifier Hung.




A more academic and serious view on BDSM.


Fictions and other literative writings.


Misc. essays on BDSM.


Columns reserved for dedicated writers.


On practical knowledge and techniques. Rope bondage (shibari), wax, CBT, making of tools. You name one!


Photos! Need we say more?


Photos and diaries from our monthly munches!


Collection information on legal and medical issues.

News Clips

BDSM-related news happening in Taiwan.


As the name suggests. Your website here too?


The interactive area. Leave a message and join our discussions!

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