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Lenka Kolarikova 是 Lupus Pictures 公司的演員,出演過「銀器事件 (The Family Silver)」等片子,以下簡稱 Lenka 。













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Our today interview will introduce you one of Lupus Pictures stars, Lenka Kucharcikova playing at their new movie, The Family Silver. Interview by Anal Wronger personally.

Lenka Kucharcikova in The Family Silver Visitors of caning.info always like to know how it happens a beautiful girl become actress in Lupus Pictures movie and her bottom is hardly spanked. How did it happen in your case?

(Laugh)… Well, i think i am rather unusual case. One day a friend of mine i met in modeling world called me with problem. One girl who should play a role in Lupus Pictures new movie could not participate from some serious reason and withdrew on shooting day morning. They needed an alternate and i was asked if i can play this role. I did not think about it more than a second, i agreed and hurried to the shooting place.

Damned, that looks like you were looking forward for this for long time. Is it difficult to become Lupus Pictures actress otherwise?

I am not sure because i don’t have any experience with their selection procedure. And i didn’t speak with any other girl about it. But i suppose it is difficult. If you see girls in their current movies, all of them are young, thin, well looking, intelligent and with at least little dramatic talent. Still because of large number of girls who are into spanking and of their own fame, they probably have their castings full. My little handicap is that i am wearing brace. Little, but it could be tough for the girl to pass over competition in regular selection with any handicap. So it was probably my very lucky day.

Oups, it feels like you think it is normal for girls to receive spanking. Do you like it as a part of your intimate life?

Surely. I like being spanked before sex with my boyfriend.

Caning.info is about hard caning, there are often plenty of hard canings in Lupus Pictures movies, you received very hard caning in it too. So what’s your relation to cane and those strong caning experiences?

I did not know anything real about the cane before that day in Lupus. I was always fully satisfied by my boyfriend’s hand and other instruments which have normal people at home. We had not ever any need to purchase any special spanking instrument. I can tell you that caning was much harder than what is pleasurable for me. I am sure i will never purchase the cane for using it in home erotic play. On the other side i have no real objections against caning and i can imagine myself i could appear in other roles where i will be caned – if i help to real art work or it would be as a part of large photographic session what i enjoy very much, why not?

Some people ask caning.info if girls’ bottoms are bleeding after so hard spanking or if it does leave permanent scars. So how was it in you case, how long after spanking it did hurt and how long did need your bottom to fully heal?

The most shocking pain was during the caning. After that my bottom did not hurt so much, but i did feel it a little for about 3 days. After that i did not feel anything strange there, but the weals where visible in the mirror. Last of them fully disappeared 3 weeks after shooting. It was not bleeding and it did not left any permanent scars, i would never participate in anything resulting in permanent damage.

What do you think about difference between Lupus Pictures and other companies producing films for open minded people?

Lupus Pictures is company which is absolutely professional at all aspects and all people there enjoy their work. That looks to me as unbeatable combination.

How much time did it take to shoot the whole movie? Just wondering: hours, days, weeks,…?

It was made in 1 day, we required about 7 hours. But the post production took more than 1 month.

It seems you like modeling. Is it your job?

Yes, i like modeling. But it is not my job. I only do what i enjoy, it means posing nude and spanking, because of my braces i am not too requested and also i cooperate only with people who are sympathic to me, so it’s just a pure joy. My full time job is bussiness consultant.

Uff, bussiness consultant? It sounds for me like you are somewhere at higher society – what do you think about people who surf internet for explicit erotic pictures for their pleasure?

Don’t worry, i am just a normal girl who surfs on nice erotic pages too… (laugh) And what i think about your visitors? I think they are doing right and neccesary thing – not satisfying human needs may lead to frustration and depression. And if i can help them with my pictures and apperance in erotic movie, it makes me proud.

Thanks, you are great girl! Tell me last thing: If you find genie in the bottle and he promises you fullfilling of three wishes. What wishes you select?

Tough to choose… I feel as most important if my family and friends are healthy. Other two? I would like to live at some of Greek islands, they are all so beautiful… And last one? Ok, i would ask genie to take away the prime minister of country where i currently live – he is horrible man and damages economy.


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