SM 狂歡節!佛森街慶寫真

譯: epicure (感謝 tietight 的投稿!)

每年九月最後一個週日,舊金山佛森街(Folsom Street)從早上十點到下午六點將攔起來舉辦「佛森街慶」。皮革/橡皮/戀物的愛好者們可在這裡設立攤位,並和同好們交誼。



Every year, last Sunday in September, Folsom Street in San Francisco would be blocked off from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM for the Folsom Street Fair. People who are interested in leather/rubber/fetish can show off their attire and meet others who have similar interests.

Different from other parts of United States, which tends to be relatively conservative, the city of San Francisco is well-known for its tolerance for different ethnic groups, subculture or alternative lifestyle.

Folsom Street fair is one of the few high profile events. Every year, thousands of tourists pours into the city to participate the fair. It is
now an attraction that San Franciso offers.


Most of the street performance or vender display involves with leather. There were only a few that have rope bondage. This is one of them.

This gentleman was following his master. I asked his master if I could take a picture of his slave. The master asked the slave. He was happy to help. It was hot that day. Tough to be in that black rubber suit.

籠子用大型的工程卡車吊起來。當街上響著音樂,人們隨之舞動,籠裡的 model 們也跟著跳舞。
The cage was lifted by a large construction truck. While music were playing and people dancing in the street, models in the cage were dancing also.

From time to time, tourists ask those who dressed up to take some pictures. Almost all of them were happy to compile. They appreciate tourists ask before taking pictures.

The weather was relatively warm for a typical San Francisco day. Tents and food cart in the middle of the street were vendors.

Pony training.

There were two stages setup for music and singing performance. Some were greate. Some were ok. This one was popular.

廠商展示著皮製拘束具和.. 嗯,皮包。有些團體也租了攤位,發傳單給遊客們。
Venders selling leather retraints, and…. purse. Some groups rent booths to pass out pamphlet to tourists.

A few booths hosts spanking, bondage events. Anyone who makes a small donation can be spanked by a master or mistress. Some choose to be tied up. Again, there were very little rope bondage.

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